Patient Update: 13th December 2022

Patient Update: 13th December 2022

Please read the following in full to clarify where the practice is regarding NHS and private treatment provision from 13th December 2022.

We are through our COVID backlog and are now booking our regular 6 monthly check ups. If you are a registered patient and have not had a check up in the last 12 months or are waiting to complete treatment that began 6+ months ago, please contact us here to arrange.

We would appreciate it if you phone reception on after 11am during the week when our phone lines are quieter.

IMPORTANT! Please contact us if you show any of the following:

  • New lump or swelling in your mouth or neck
  • Red or white patch in your mouth
  • Ulcer that has lasted longer than 2 weeks
  • Family history of oral cancer
  • Had biopsies in your mouth in the past or have a lesion we continue to monitor

News: Kirsten began her maternity leave yesterday, 12th December, a little earlier than planned. Patients over the next few weeks will be seen by our other dentists. John McCall will be taking care of Kirsten’s patients as of 16th January from Monday through Thursday, Niall and John covering Friday. Kirsten plans to return in September.

Suzanne will be working an extra day each fortnight to increase hygiene appointments available.

With the cold weather upon us we have allowed access to the waiting room to those with an appointment. Please have a face covering with you, as clinically vulnerable patients may be attending the practice also.

Symptoms: If you have any respiratory virus symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or high temperature, please contact us beforehand to reschedule your appointment – we will not be able to see you. If you have symptoms and are booked in for an emergency dental issue, please contact us so we can arrange treatment under our respiratory virus protocols. These patients will be seen in a different surgery at the end of sessions to minimise risk to staff and other patients.

If you need to collect or drop something off, incl. prescription collections, please phone us on 01786 473579 so we can arrange a suitable time.

Emergency Appointments: Please phone reception on 01786 473579 if you are having any problems with your teeth or mouth. We have a daily emergency dentist who is providing care for our patients who have uncontrolled pain, swellings, trauma, or uncontrolled bleeding. When we are closed please have a pen and paper ready and call the practice number of 01786 473579 and the answer machine will tell you what to do.

If you have a broken tooth, crown, or bridge that has come out, a broken denture, or an issue that needs rectified urgently, please phone us for advice.

When we are closed please have a pen and paper ready and call the practice number of 01786 473579 and the answer machine will tell you what to do.

Please see our Christmas opening hours here.

Please let us know of any new contact details if they have changed since 2019.

Stay safe and well this winter and have a very happy Christmas to everyone from ourselves and all the team at Platt & Common.

John & Jennifer Denham