NHS Dental Reform – Changes from 1st November 2023

NHS Dental Reform – Changes from 1st November 2023


From 1st November 2023 the Scottish government has brought in a new Statement of Dental Remuneration. This document dictates what NHS treatment can be offered by NHS Scottish dentists.

For those patients who are not exempt from paying, this document also sets the national charges for each item. The practice does not have any say in the NHS charges for a particular item of treatment. Both NHS fees and what can be offered on the NHS is decided by the government.

Some items of treatment have been removed and there have been changes to other items. Most notably the routine NHS 6-month check-up has been replaced with a 12-24 month check-up, as assessed by your own dentist. There are some circumstances where patients may be seen for a review within 12 months. The check-up remains free. The dental charges for items have also increased. Some items are no longer free.

More information can be found at NHSinform.scot/dentist

One of the major changes is that denture repairs are now chargeable and not free for patients who do not qualify for free NHS treatment. All NHS denture work provided by the practice will be guaranteed as usual for 12 months but repairs after the 12-month period, or dentures not provided by ourselves, will have a repair charge of just over £50.88.
Recementing a resin retained bridge will no longer be free and will have a charge of £33.92.

Unscheduled NHS appointments will now have a minimum £15.68 charge for the appointment for paying patients.

The maximum amount that will be charged to an individual per NHS treatment plan will remain capped at £384 or 80% of costs, whichever is lower.

If you are a paying patient then please familiarise yourself with the new NHS fees and our Private Fees which are available to view on the website. If you have a low income then please check the NHS Inform website link above to see if you may be able to get help towards your NHS dental treatment.

Patients 25 and under, pregnant and new mums and people on certain benefits qualify for free NHS dental treatment. Evidence of exemption should be produced at your check-up for you to qualify for free treatment.

Those patients who have recently started a course of treatment will complete the course on the old NHS fee structure. Patients who fail to attend appointments may have their forms closed as “Patient Failed To Return” so please contact us if you think you may have an open form but have not got an appointment.